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Steel Skarecrow is a group of highly talented and experienced musicians from around the Wichita, Kansas area. The band has developed a unique sound, blending nineties country, modern country, red dirt, and southern soul into a distinct sound all their own. With three albums and numerous singles on streaming media services, everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the music of Steel Skarecrow. The bands first single climbed into the top 70 on the Texas charts, and the second single, Slippin’ Sideways, released in April 2022, also climbed into the top 60 on the Texas charts. Slippin Sideways made it into the top 200 singles of the year for Texas Regional Radio in 2022. The bands third and fourth singles climbed into the Top 40 and top 30, respectively, on the Texas regional radio charts, and reached the top 100 singles of the year for Texas regional radio in 2023. The bands current release, “Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Seen, is currently climbing the Texas regional radio charts. 


The band completed its third album in October 2022, and recently released a live album, “Live at 365”, recorded at the 365 Complex in Inman, Kansas. The band has recently performed with Ricochet, Shenandoah, Tracy Lawrence, the Bellamy Brothers, Cody Canada, Eli Young, Scotty Alexander, and Braxton Keith from Texas. In 2022 and 2023, Steel Skarecrow was nominated and reached the semi-finals for Texas regional radio group/duo/band of the year. 


Steel Skarecrow features top notch musicianship and three-part harmonies. The foundation of the band is nineties country, however you will hear modern country, red dirt, classic country, and maybe even a little western swing at every Steel Skarecrow show. 


Steel Skarecrow shows are professional, upbeat, high energy, and fun! We love to interact with the audience, take requests, get to know people. Every cover song played at a Steel Skarecrow show will be recognized by the audience, one they can can sing along with, and all of them are danceable. 


How did the band get started?

The band was started in 2017 with a group of guys from the Wichita, Kansas area. 


Who are the members?

Kurt Shobe, Lead Vocals, harmony vocals, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Kristopher Howell, Lead and harmony vocals, bass guitar

Rollin Schmidt, Steel Guitar, Fiddle, acoustic guitar, dobro

Mark Clemons, Lead and harmony vocals, Drums


Below are some links that will allow you to download the music that will have you captured from the moment you start listening! 



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